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Friday, July 20, 2007

my favorite band is cooler than yours

I woke up this morning and saw that I had this e-mail in my inbox. Once I got over the initial confusion thinking that it was from Shauna and wondering what she was referencing in that little "e-mail preview" that I get in my inbox, I became so much more excited. (Not that I don't LOVE getting e-mails from Shauna . . . but c'mon . . . Shaun Cooper!)

Hey Kerri,

That's funny about you and your roomate getting mail from the Visitors Bureau in college. I actually hate getting mail, especially because my box just gets filled with bills and stupid supermarket circulars while I'm out on tour. Total bummer! I do enjoy getting mail from friends, and I especially love it when I buy stuff online and get that too. LIke Christmas or something ya know?!

My girlfriend is actually doing post grad at Hofstra as well. She finishes up this fall semester with her masters in teaching. She likes the classes well enough but since she has to go to school at nights she gets frustrated with some of the older slower people in the class. Seems like those old dogs don't like learning new tricks. Do you ever have to deal with that kind of thing?

I remember that show with Rooney well. If memory serves correctly it was the first show of that tour. I'm glad you were there at that show and we won you over. That's awesome to hear. It is so rewarding and flattering to know that we can effect people on some kind of emotional level. I remember the bands that helped me through hard times. I never really imagined I would ever be in a band that could effect people in that way.

Anyway, I hope we do well at Nassau Coliseum. I just worry we won't be able to top the show we played at Irving last month. That crowd reaction was just off the hook. Such a terrific time. Fingers crossed though, I have hope.

Thanks for the tips on TV and that website. I'll look into both.

See you in a couple weeks at Nassau for Warped!




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