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Saturday, July 28, 2007

my "ability" is apparently causing my heroes to take awful pictures

Last night did not disappoint.

I'll write a full entry tomorrow, but I'll say it now that Kevin Devine and Jesse Lacey are two of the most brilliant song writers and lyricists alive and if I had the money and the ability to do it, I would not go back to work on Monday and I'd just follow them around the U.S. on the rest of their tour, and then to Europe and then to everywhere, because they are that freaking good and . . . just wow.

I only wish that this picture of Kevin Devine was just a little bit better . . . I'm starting to think it's just me. Between this picture of the two of us from last night and the 2005 "John Nolan the Pirate" picture from Hofstra, I am really convinced that I do have some sort of super power or "ability" (depending on which show I'm more obsessed with at the moment, Heroes or The 4400 - right now the nod goes to The 4400 but I am so totally digressing) and that ability is to cause my heroes to look awful in pictures. At least John got one eye open. (See Exhibit "B"). Maybe it's a good thing I didn't get to meet Jesse Lacey last night. At least he can remain photogenic a little longer.

Full Jesse Lacey / Kevin Devine / Grace Read at Valentines update coming in a few days; for now it's bed, MPRE review course tomorrow, and then Guster @ The Starland Ballroom tomorrow night. The concert calendar has (absurdly enough) become even more full for the rest of the summer:

July 29 - Guster @ the Starland Ballroom
August 1 - They Might Be Giants @ Bowery (if Craig can get tickets)
August 3- O.A.R. / Stephen Kellogg / Augustana @ Jones Beach
August 4 - Warped Tour
August 14 - Kevin Devine's concert cruise thingamajig
August 19 - Live/Collective Soul @ Brookhaven Amphitheater (possibly going to have to cancel this one . . . we'll see)

At least I'm not bored, right?

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