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Friday, October 19, 2007

i can't believe i've had this blog for months and haven't posted a survey yet

I stole this survey off of MySpace from Arie, who I love and miss!

1) Where'd you get the shirt you're wearing?
j.crew outlet

2) Where do you currenty live?

3) Do you like it there?
I do.

4) Sunrise or Sunset?

5) What time did you go to bed last night?
around 11:30 - I'm lame

6) Time you woke up?
6:15 am

7) What movie is in your DVD player?
nothing, I don't keep DVDs in my player - but I watched a bunch of episodes of Season 3 of the Office the other day

8) When's your birthday?
August 26

9) Last thing that pissed you off?
where to begin

10) Are you cocky?

11) Can you speak french?

12) Have you ever been to Mexico?
Cozumel for a couple of hours

13) Do you make your bed daily?

14) Your favorite movie?
Wet Hot American Summer

15) Your favorite tv show?
The Office, Heroes and the 4400 - and right now, Pushing Daisies

16) Single or taken?

17) Do you own slippers?
wearing them right now

18) Boxers or briefs?

19) Is there a TV in your bedroom?

20) How many piercings do you have?
1 in each ear

21) What do you think of Tom Cruise?
he is totally straight

25. Who was the last person you called?
my mom

26) Where are your parents from?
long island

27) Are you afraid of the dark?

28)can you roll your tounge?
if I really try

29) Who was the last person to text you?

30) How was your day?
I was at work from 8-4:30, how do you think it was?

31) Have you ever eaten at T.G.I Friday's?

32) Can you skateboard?

33) How about play an instrument?

36) How much money do you have on you right now?
less than $10 cash

37) Song you're listening to right now?
"happy ending" by mika - over and over and over

38) Who's in your house last?
I live with Mary . . . so Mary

39) What are you doing today?
watching Grey's Anatomy on and probably doing some work because I'm lame and because Kevin Devine said it best in "cotton crush"

41) What side of the bed do you sleep on?
my bed's against the wall, so the side that's not against the wall

42) Who was the last person in/on your bed other than you?
sydney. and don't try to tell me sydney's not a person! she has feelings too

44) Your favorite season?

49) Favorite food?
depends on my mood really

50) Something you're looking forward to in the next month?
Florida, oddly enough, since I hate that state so much, but I definitely want to just get away

51) Have you ever been to an art museum?
probably, but I guess it wasn't very memorable

52) Do you like Mexican food?

52) Papa John's or Domino's?
papa johns

53) When's the last time you showered?
this morning

54) What do your pants look like?
they look like jeans

55) Favorite cartoon to watch?

57) Have you ever seen/watched Aqua Team Hunger Force?

58) Favorite current song?
"Happy Ending" by Mika

60) Last person you gave up on?
Let's not get into that here. My problem is that I don't give up on anyone, even when I should take a hint. Everyone gives up on me.


1. John
2. Craig
3. Mary
4. Alison
5. Christy
6. Pat
7. Scott
8. Colleen

The Questions

How did you meet 6?
same small section 1st year of law school, but we probably never would have talked or became friends if we hadn't become facebook/AIM friends first

Why are you friends with 3?
because she's the best

Is 7 in a relationship?

Have you kissed 7?

Have you hugged 4?
of course

Have you done anything sexual with 6?

Would 1 and 8 make a good couple?
Haha. . . no, I don't think that it would be good. The end.

How long have you know 2?
since October

Would you ever kiss 7?
I'm sure Amanda would love that. (And for that matter, I'm sure Scott would too)

Whats a good memory with 5?
The night she fell asleep in the bar

Ever hugged 8?

Do you love 4?
very much

Is 5 nice?
of course

How did you meet 3?
I was working at Coles swiping IDs and she walked in and I didn't know who she was, but then Janeen brought her over and introduced us, and the next thing I knew, a hockey team was abandoning us at Chelsea Piers

Who makes you laugh?
they all do.

Who makes you smile?
every single one of them

When was the last time you saw 4?
a couple months ago - Labor Day weekend I think

Would 3 and 6 make a cute couple?
I don't ever see that happening

Do you see 8 a lot?
Hardly ever :( We average once every two years or so

Describe 4 in 3 words?
one hot claymate

Have you traveled anywhere with 5?
we went to Chelsea Piers once - that was the extent of our traveling together

Do you have fun with 7?
all three times we hung out, yeah, scott's awesome, he should move back to NY

Is 2 a cool person?
the greatest

Who is the loudest?

Do any of them get on your nerves sometimes?

What do you really think of 3?
she's the best

Does 1 even know you?
I sure hope so

Is 5 happy?
yeah, I think she is

Does 7 live close?

Do you have any classes with 2?

Have you and 3 ever hooked up?
i do NOT love mary like that

Are you and 8 close?
she is one of my oldest friends!

Is 6 a good person
sure, he's great

Does 2 own a car?

How did you choose your Top 8?

John's my brother and that's what siblings do.
Craig is Craig, so he's number two.
Mary's the best.
Alison's one of my oldest, closest friends.
Christy's one of my best law school friends.
Pat was one of my first favorite law school people and he's been grandfathered in.
Scott is the most awesome person I know who I've only met three times
Colleen is my Coll Coll and we go way back

That's it.



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