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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the economist

It’s almost Thursday
which can only mean one thing:
new Lost tomorrow.

But wait a second –
I never “recapped” last week!
I’m such a slacker!

Of course the problem
is now I can’t remember
what even happened.

So I’ll use haikus
and maybe you won’t notice
my lack of substance.

So Sayid gets off
(hooray double entendres!)
So we now know four.

Three of my four friends
watching this last week with me
should get their eyes checked!

Just Becky agrees
that Faraday and Charlie
look SO MUCH alike!

Daniel’s so awkward.
I do not get the two clocks
thirty minutes off.

(But, then again, it’s Lost.
Nothing about this show is
supposed to make sense.)

Thanks so much, Sayid
It’s about time that someone
closed Naomi’s eyes.

What’s with her bracelet?
I guess “RG” is someone
to wonder about.

Hurley’s all tied up!
Gagged and stuck in the closet
Could it be a trick?

That crazy John Locke.
I always forget that he
was on Alias.

Aw, Kate and Sawyer
in their happy little home
haunted by Darma.

Hooray, Desmond’s back
He may be my favorite.
(I do miss Charlie)

I still like Miles.
He gets some pretty good lines
(which I’ve forgotten).

Sayid’s still badass.
And how about that, it’s Ben.
He’s such a bad guy.

(Eli Stone was next,
It’s okay – no DSM
or Pushing Daisies.

It has potential.
After all, Victor Garber rocks
And can do no wrong!)

I suppose this week
I’ll try to write my Lost post
on Friday maybe.

Because this was weak
and took way too much effort.
Questions? Comments? Thoughts?

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  • At February 20, 2008 at 1:49 PM , Blogger bs said...

    in college we played a word game in our Political Sci "The US Congress" class where you had teams of two and had to use words on the list in your answer for points. The harder or more obscure the word the more points your team got. Each day there was also a bonus phrase or style that was worth 100 points. We finally got caught when we tried to do a Christmas edition word game, but before the game was taken away from us, my buddy Ryan answered a question about Newt Gingrich in the form of a Haiku. Needless to say Ryan and Amer won that day.

    and then our professor used all of our words in the fact pattern for our final exam. So we felt vindicated!


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