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Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 soundtrack

As promised, my finalized 2007 soundtrack track listing!

  1. "Home" - Daughtry. Back in January or February, before The OC went off the air for good, I was over at Kate and Dennis's and they made me watch one of the early American Idol episodes. As contestants were eliminated, they played a song that I later discovered was "Home" by Daughtry. I loved it immediately, finally discovered what the big deal was about Chris Daughtry, and somehow was sucked into the rest of the season of American Idol.
  2. "Mandy" - Barry Manilow. I was watching Will and Grace one day last semester when I saw the funniest moment I'd ever seen in that show. Will was waiting in line to get Barry Manilow tickets, and Grace and Karen both ended up holding his place for him. While waiting in line, Grace saw her mother, who had canceled plans with her, eating lunch in the restaurant across the street with Jack. All the Fanilows were listening to "Mandy" and Grace just burst into the chorus singing "Oh Mommy" instead . . . I loved every second of it and was hooked on the song from that point on. Needless to say, it is my ringtone for Mary.
  3. "The Archers Bows Have Broken" - Brand New. Definitely my favorite from their latest CD, this song became my primary ringtone around February or March. I love this song so much that it's the reason why I'm not getting my new phone just yet - I know I'd have to go re-buy the ringtone immediately!
  4. "Your Guardian Angel" - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. My brother introduced me to this song last Christmas and I fell in love with it. Around mid-March/early-April, I started going through a really rough patch and this song was one of the things that got me through it. I still can't hear it without thinking of certain feelings and people, and if I listen to it when I'm in the right (or wrong) mood, it still brings me to tears.
  5. "Makes Me Wonder" - Maroon 5. This song pretty much defined 2007. It came on the radio nearly every time I took a shower or was driving anywhere, and yet I am STILL not sick of that song yet.
  6. "This Ain't A Love Song" - Bon Jovi. This song was one of my favorite songs like ten years ago - I owned the cassette single of it. Then I forgot it existed until one of the American Idol finalists sung it for Bon Jovi night. This song is the only song in the top 50 most played on my ipod that is not Straylight Run, Brand New, or Kevin Devine - that's saying a lot. Especially since I think it's in the top 10.
  7. "Beach Games Speech" - Pam Beasley. This episode of "The Office" will always hold a special spot in my heart. I was so proud of Pam, and so much of what she said hit so close to home. Love it.
  8. "Grace Kelly" - Mika. I fell in love with this song about two weeks before I first saw this video. After that, I can't hear the song without laughing and picturing Peter Petrelli telling Sylar he's too creepy to be his friend, but I think that makes me love it even more.
  9. "The F.U.N. Song" - Spongebob Squarepants. Another Heroes/YouTube association here - I'd never even heard the song before that. But this song is another one that will always remind me of 2007.
  10. "Buttoned Down" - Straylight Run. I remember when I first discovered the video for this song on their website, I was just blown away. It was a great precursor to a great album, one of my favorites of 2007.
  11. "A Place in Time" - Amanda Abizaid. When The 4400 returned this summer (may it R.I.P :( ), I was reminded of exactly how much I loved this theme song, especially when I watched three seasons worth of dvds --twice-- in the span of about a month. Definitely one of my favorite theme songs ever.
  12. "Heartbreak World" - Matt Nathanson. I've loved this song since I first heard it a couple of years ago - it was absolutely my favorite on his new CD.
  13. "Selfish Jean" - Travis. One of the best concerts I went to in 2007, this song both opened the show itself AND the encore, featuring a Demitri Martin re-enactment of its awesome video. Great stuff.
  14. "Birdhouse in Your Soul" - They Might Be Giants. When we went out for karaoke for my 26th birthday, Pat and Craig sang this song and I remember wondering "what the hell is that?" Two months later, Kristen Chenoweth and Ellen Greene ended up singing a clip of it on Pushing Daisies and I realized that it was that crazy song that Craig and Pat had attempted to sing on my birthday. I downloaded it, realized that the karaoke rendition just did not do it justice, and have loved it ever since.
  15. "Peach, Plum, Pear" - Straylight Run. I don't usually put two songs by the same artist on my "best of" cds, but since this is a cover, I excused it. I fell completely in love with this song the minute I first heard it. I think it's one of the most perfect songs ever written, and while the original is way too childlike and eerie for my liking, this just might be my favorite cover ever.
  16. "Paralyzer" - Finger Eleven. The first time I heard this song it was on Craig's Sirius radio and I remember him saying that it sounded like Franz Ferdinand. Obviously it wasn't. But I loved the song from first listen and it still puts me in a good mood when I hear it.
  17. "How Far We've Come" - Matchbox Twenty. C'mon, it's Matchbox Twenty. Their return had to make the Best of '07 cd. This is another "can't escape this song" song, but it's so catchy that I can't complain. Love it.
  18. "Iran So Far" - Andy Samberg and Adam Levine. SNL does it again. I might even like this song better than "Dick in a Box." If for no other reason, the "You say there's no gays in Iran, but you're in New York now, baby!" puts it over the edge. And the creepy children singing along with Adam.
  19. "Day Man" - Dennis & Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 26 seconds of absolute hilarity.
  20. "Bubbly" - Colbie Callait. Okay, now I'm sick of this song, but for a while there, I thought it was one of the cutest songs on the radio. It still makes me feel warm and cozy.
  21. "The Way I Am" - Ingrid Michaelson. Loved this song in the Old Navy commercials; loved it more when I heard the full length version for the first time. I wish she'd opened for Matt Nathanson on the date I saw him, but such is life.
  22. "The Ocean" - The Bravery. I first heard this song on an episode of Grey's Anatomy - I loved it right away. I was torn between whether I should include this song or "Believe" - it was a good year for The Bravery - but this one won in the end.

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