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Sunday, February 24, 2008

i'm not falling apart

Mary and I went to a free Maroon 5 show at the Apple Store in SoHo tonight (thanks, Keely) and they played their entire "new" album and we sat in the fourth row (the entire first row was full of a group of eight-ish year-old boys and one little girl, who I hypothesized were all of Adam Levine's illegitimate children - I'm kind of a terrible person) and by the end of the show, Adam Levine's two shirts were soaked with sweat (he did not cave in to the incessant "TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT!" screams, despite his repeated complaints of how hot it was - he was literally the hottest person in the room, haha) and we were able to see his nipples the whole show and make out what looked like a teddy bear tattoo on his right shoulder. He was really funny and I loved when he would try to explain what the songs were about or when they were written before he sang them. He seemed like a genuinely cool person and not at all like a total ass, like I'd expect him to be. I like when bands seem genuine in their gratefulness for their fans, as opposed to coming across as "we're doing you a favor by letting you listen to our music."

But anyway. The highlight was when I took my eyes off the stage for about 5 seconds in between songs and suddenly I felt something hit me in my lap and fall on the floor at my feet - their guitarist, Jimmy Valentine (the second coolest J. Valentine "musician"), had flicked a pick at me. I've been going to concerts for 12 years and I've never gotten a pick, a drumstick, or even a setlist - it was pretty exciting. It says "Maroon 5" on one side and "Jimmy V." with a heart on the other side - I love it. So all in all a good night and a good end to a weekend that started out pretty damn terrible.

The only downside is that now I feel a little guilty for referring to Jimmy V as "The Caveman" since Mary and I saw them at MSG in October.

But not too guilty. Note to Jimmy: get a haircut.

Edit: I tried to find the "Jerry Valentine" website that I made way back in 2002 or whenever it was, and apparently it no longer exists. But the Official John Patterson site still does, so I had to link to it. I miss having jobs where I was so bored that I was creating fake fan sites for fake musicians in a single day.

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