Like A Trip Back To Middle School

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

feeling ooooooold

I had this conversation with some random kid at a gas station this evening while I was filling my tank. (Getting gas makes me giggle now ever since I first heard "Full Service" by NKOTB, but I digress).

Kid: Hey, could you please give me [something unintelligible]
Me: I don't know what that is
Kid: For rolling weed
Me: Oh . . . I don't have that
Kid: Oh man
Me: I'm sorry
Kid: That's okay, I understand. You're probably a mom, you have to get home.
Me: [silence]
Kid: You're a good looking mom though!

This came about six months after Patrick Tshudy told me "you're 26?! You look good for your age."

I hate being of the age where the phrase "for your age" implies old and where being dressed in a suit after work makes high school kids automatically think I'm a mom.



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