Like A Trip Back To Middle School

Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's one of those nights

I'm always happy.
That's 'cause I'm happy to be here in New York.
Everybody's smiling.
That's 'cause they're happy to be here in New York.
And the traffic seems to pass me by
And the cabbies yell their languages
I bet they're saying hi.
When I feel happy,
we all seem happy to be here in New York.
We're one big family.
Big happy family of New York.
And everybody's got a pamphlet for me
And I say I can't afford it, but they give it to me free.
And the waitresses will all become famous
And they'll lock their arms and sing
"can you blame us if we're happy?
And since we're happy,
we hope you're happy to be here in New York."

Well I'm happy
but since you're asking
I'd be more happy
if you lived here in New York.



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