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Sunday, November 23, 2008

kerri's concert calendar: 2002 - 2003


January 24 - VIRGINIA COALITION with Granian (The Village Underground, NY, NY)

January 25 - VIRGINIA COALITION with Cardinal Direction (Iron Horse Musical Hall, Northhampton, MA)

February 7 - STEREOPHONICS with JJ-72 (Irving Plaza, NY, NY)

February 22 - JOHN MAYER with Glen Phillips and The Clarks (Irving Plaza, NY, NY)

April 1 - BETTER THAN EZRA with Cowboy Mouth (Irving Plaza, NY, NY)

April 6 - DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL with The Anniversary, Seafood & Ben Kweller (Irving Plaza, NY, NY)

April 23 - ALKALINE TRIO with Lost City Angels and Piebald (Bowery Ballroom, NY, NY)

April 26 - GUSTER with the Gabe Dixon Band (McCann Center Field House @ Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY)

June 1 - NINE DAYS with Supergenius, the Amazing Mustang Boys (The Village Pub, Port Jefferson, NY)


June 13 - THE LOST TRAILERS with Cardinal Direction and Roosevelt Roosevelt (The Lion's Den, NY, NY)

August 27 - MTV'S VMA PRE-PARTY with our Lady Peace, Moby, Sasha & Digweed (Pier 54, NY, NY)

September 13 - JASON LIEBMAN (Southpaw, Park Slope, NY)

September 20 - MATT NATHANSON (Bowery Ballroom, NY, NY)

October 9 - DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL (Roseland Ballroom, NY, NY)

October 18 - THE DETATCHMENT KIT with The Star Spangles (The Knitting Factory, NY, NY)

October 25 - THE MIRACLE OF 86 with Todd Deatherage, The Izzies and the Heston Rifle (Tribeca Rock Club, NY, NY)

November 5 - A NEW FOUND GLORY with Something Corporate and Finch (Roseland Ballroom, NY, NY)

November 27 - NINE DAYS with Tripside (The Downtown, Farmingdale, NY)

December 14 - MIKE ERRICO (The Mercury Lounge, NY, NY)

December 20 - NINE DAYS with Tripside (The Village Pub, Port Jefferson, NY)


February 18 - DUNCAN SHEIK with Spooky Ghost (Shine, NY, NY)

March 6 - MIKE ERRICO with Tegan and Sara (The Mercury Lounge, NY, NY)

March 12 - BARENAKED LADIES (Hammerstein Ballroom, NY, NY)

March 30 - MIKE ERRICO (Bowery Ballroom, NY, NY)

April 4 - PERCY HILL with Spooky Daly Pride (Tribeca Rock Club, NY, NY)

April 15 - THE WALLFLOWERS with Ron Sexsmith (Bowery Ballroom, NY, NY)

April 23 - MATT NATHANSON with Blu Sanders (The Village Underground, NY, NY)

April 24 - MATT NATHANSON with Stephen Kellogg (The Village Underground, NY, NY)

April 30 - THE MIRACLE OF 86 with Circle and Square (Northsix, Brooklyn, NY)

MAY 16 - DUNCAN SHEIK with Mike Errico and Mary Fahl (Housing Works Used Book Cafe, NY, NY)

May 21 - SWITCHFOOT with The Working Title and Something For Kate (Tribeca Rock Club, NY, NY)

June 1 - KEVIN DEVINE with Bitter Bitter Weeks (The Mercury Lounge, NY, NY)

June 24 - TONY LUCCA (The Bitter End, NY, NY)

July 4 - JESSE MALIN (Battery Park, NY, NY)

July 22 - TRAIN with Matt Nathanson (Hammerstein Ballroom, NY, NY)

August 7 - SISTER HAZEL with Virginia Coalition and Gavin DeGraw (Irving Plaza, NY, NY)

August 13 - AGAINST ME! with Peelander-Z (High-Five, Columbus, OH)

August 23 - NINE DAYS (Battery Park, NY)

September 5 - DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL with Brand New and MxPx (Roseland Ballroom, NY, NY)

September 29 - PEELANDER-Z (Piano's, NY, NY)

October 14, 7:30 show - MATT NATHANSON (Joe's Pub, NY, NY)

October 14, 9:30 show - MATT NATHANSON (Joe's Pub, NY, NY)

October 19 - KEVIN DEVINE (CB's Gallery, NY, NY)

November 25 - MTV'S ALBUM COVERS: DASHBAORD CONFESSIONAL with guest appearance by Michael Stipe (Arlene's Grocery, NY, NY)

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