Like A Trip Back To Middle School

Sunday, February 8, 2009

the back cover of the free book i got yesterday pretty much sums up my day at ny comic con better than i ever could

"Rescued from unspeakable horror, Ishbel Burnelle has devoted her life to the Order of the Coil, a sacred cult that reads the future in the entrails of its human sacrifices. But the Serpent has loftier plans for the archpriestess, and an eerie, eldritch warning: Prepare for the Lord of Elcho Falling . . .

Perils abound in a realm beset by treachery, and above all looms the DarkGlass Mountain - once known as the Threshold - as the terrible Dark God Kanubai prepares to emerge from his prison in exile."

Yup . . . probably won't be reading The Serpent Bride.


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