Like A Trip Back To Middle School

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

you all are my backbone

So what if it's freezing, I'm awake and I'm happy
The sun's steepling its shards on my floor
I drag my feet to the shower and I hear someone singing
I keep the lights off a while and the water gets warm

Now I knot up my tie and toss books in a schoolbag
They keep my priorities straight
So I can sleepwalk through work like an outpatient program
I don't buy but get through anyway

And at some point I'll call you and tell you I miss you
And you are the point of my day
And my face will get flushed and my throat will choke up
When you tell me that you feel the same

So I have been thinking of splitting up Christmas
To see everyone I'd like to see
And you're first on that list
You're the lotto I hit
You're the star at the top of the tree

And I have been feeling this good for a reason
My friends and my family
You all are my backbone
You keep me balanced and settled
And I'm in debt to you all endlessly

So tonight I will call you and try to say
"Thank you for being the sun on my face
I know the world's almost over but you make it seem better
And I hope for you I do the same."
- kevin devine

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