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Sunday, November 23, 2008

last post of the day, i promise

I just didn't want five entries worth of concerts to be the most recent thing on the blog!

So instead I'll list seven months worth of "Person of the Month" . . . hopefully I'll get around to actually writing up the posts about each of these people, but in the meantime, here's the list! Annd I know I have a bunch of duplicates (and triplicates and quadruplicates) for the year, but what can I say, I have some pretty consistently amazing friends.

May 2008 - Troy P.
June 2008 - Briton S.
July 2008 - Briton S.
August 2008 - Scott F.
September 2008 - Christine P. and Shauna S.
October 2008 - Briton S.
November 2008 - Becky K.

Summer 2008 goes to Briton . . . and to save you the suspense, he's pretty much a lock for Person of the Year 2008 too, so everyone else has a month and a week to step it up!



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