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Monday, December 1, 2008

random heroes thoughts/complaints/why do i watch this show?

  • So much for my “Sylar is gay” theory. I love how HRG had the sniper rifle on them at the end of the last episode, when Sylar and Elle first started kissing, but he waited to fire shots until after they’d had sex. Perv. I hate this show.
  • Nathan speaks French. Great. Because all we need is yet ANOTHER language worth of subtitles to read.
  • “What is that?” “Leg braces.” Are you kidding me? Does Parkman not know what LEG BRACES are? Forrest Gump was Best Picture in 1995, COME ON!
  • And now Daphne’s yelling at Parkman that he doesn’t even know her. How quickly we forget that two episodes ago they were professing their love for each other. Apparently people don’t need to know each other to love each other.
  • Mohinder picking up the post-it note with Maya’s name reminded me a lot of Sylar in the first season finding Isaac Mendez’s name on a piece of paper in Mohinder’s apartment after he “killed” Peter.
  • Breckin Meyer has gotten really hot since Clueless. I think that was the last thing I saw him in.
  • Um… he’s seriously hot. He’s clearly the best thing about this episode.
  • But ten-year-old Hiro is ridiculous. Whoever came up with that storyline should be shot.
  • I appreciate that Nathan is now speaking English. That doesn’t make what he’s saying any less annoying than if I was reading it instead of listening to it.
  • Can’t they just let Claire die? Why do they have to tease us like this? I seriously can’t decide who’s the most obnoxious person on this show anymore. But I bet that the eclipse ends while she’s “dying.”
  • Annnnd HRG slit Sylar’s throat. Awesome. Too bad he’s going to come back to life in about 3 minutes after the commercial break when the stupid eclipse ends. Stupid stupid stupid.
  • Ewwww, Mohinder’s getting gross again. And why the hell would Maya come to the door after the way they left things? And why the hell did we have to see her again?
  • “You didn’t grow up! You read comic books and eat junk food!” Haha. This story is so stupid.
  • Sylar looks hot with blood all over him.
  • That scene with Hiro showing up at the Bennett house was great!!! Haha, Briton just IMed me and said “best scene all season.” Could be.
  • Oh lord, Seth Green telling the “Ninth Wonders” legend . . . I don’t know if it makes it better or worse that he’s Seth Green.
  • Oh pleeeeeeease Hiro. You dropped Sylar and Elle off at the same beach? You’d think even a 10-year-old would know to separate the “bad guys.”
  • Ah. But that was pretty satisfying. Elle ruined Sylar . . . hopefully he’ll be back to the Sylar we know and love from now on. I’ll take it.



  • At December 2, 2008 at 9:21 AM , Blogger Patrick C said...

    Yeah, HRG is totally a perv. That also had to have been the longest eclipse ever. The longest recorded solar eclipse was seven minutes. In the time of this eclipse Claire got shot, they took her home, Sylar and Elle did it, Claire got worse, they took her to the hospital, they cut her open and electrocuted her heart, then sewed her back up. I hate this show too.

    I thought the 10 year old Hiro was the best part of last night's episode though.


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