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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

quote of the day!

No real reason for this entry except that after abruptly putting a password on my Quote of the Day page about six months ago so that random Googlers could not access it, and then realizing that I myself could not remember how to access it, I finally figured it out about 30 seconds ago. I am beyond excited at the thought of re-reading the four years of gems that I'd collected and in honor of this excitement, I present to you four years of February 25th! (Or actually just three, because I apparently didn't have a QotD for this date in 2005)

February 25, 2006
Me: i am beating fluffy bunnies with my stolen accordion
Jesse: I wish I had words for that

February 25, 2004
"In regards to writing me into your story, you know the Knight in shining armor, well I could be the guy who cleans his armor."
~ Tom, casting himself as 'Agent Shawn' in Kerrias* ~

February 25, 2003

SB: hahahahahaha I can just picture you being like Steve Buscemi in Billy Madison, crossing me off your list and putting on lipstick

Holy crap, I forgot about "Kerrias" - that is totally going to be a future blog entry. Be very afraid. And grateful that I only got about four pages into the script before I gave up.



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