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Monday, May 19, 2008

Person of the Month: April 2008

APRIL 2008*


When I first made Law Review, there were very few 2Ls that I knew at the time. Anthony was one of the first of the Section A "strangers" that I met when we shared office duty the second or third week of school. I quickly realized just how cool Anthony was, and as I've gotten to know him better over the past two years, I've discovered that he's even cooler than I thought he was. I had the fortune of sharing the desk next to his this year as we were both Board members on the Law Review and I've gotta say, the seating arrangements were pretty awesome because aside from getting to sit next to one of the coolest people ever, when April 2008 rolled around, I became privy to all sorts of top secret (Anthony likened it to knowing the Oscar winners before opening the winner and reading it) information about the banquet. And not only did Anthony share some of his banquet excitement with me, but he also sat me at the coolest table ever (seriously . . . legen - wait for it - dary), which was his table, which made it even better because Anthony made the seating arrangements and could have placed himself with anyone he wanted, haha. Anyway. Sitting next to Anthony always guaranteed a laugh or a good story, a smiling face and a voice of sanity, and a even a pre-Pieper pep talk. Thanks Anthony for a great month and a great couple of years!

* I just want to point out that April 2008's honorable mention goes to Billy M., who amazingly thanked me in his student note, published in volume 36.2 of the law review. A link will be provided when available - thank you Billy!



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