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Monday, April 21, 2008

"you know any dave?"

I got tricked into buying tickets to Kevin Devine's "Put Your Ghost To Rest" re-release party last night because Brand New posted a bulletin on MySpace saying to "look for Jesse Sunday and Monday" and I knew I couldn't go to the Looney Tunes show today because of Crim Pro. But then I bought tickets and realized that Jesse was playing a show with Brand New at Geneseo last night. I kept hoping that he would be able to defy the laws of space and time and manage to get to Willismsburg sometime to at least be able to play "Cotton Crush" with Kev, but no such luck, as (though I forget sometimes) Jesse Lacey is only human.

Kevin Devine did not disappoint though. Even though I'm an idiot and dragged Becky with me to get there for around 7 when, I soon discovered, Kevin didn't go on until 10. So we walked around Williamsburg aimlessly for nearly an hour, where Becky pointed out how suspicious we probably looked and that a cop might have a reasonable suspicion that criminality was afoot if they saw us that would justify them stopping and frisking us. I've never seen so many Thai and sushi restaurants in such a small area.

Long story longer, I have a total crush on Kevin Devine . . . he is absolutely my favorite person in the world with my initials! Highlights:
  • He played "Put Your Ghost To Rest" in its entirety. As I guess could have been expected, seeing that it was the re-release party. But it was excited nonetheless because I don't know that I've ever heard him do "Go Haunt Someone Else" live.
  • The eleven year old (ok, not really, but kinda really) who played EVERY INSTRUMENT KNOWN TO MAN (ok, not really, but kinda really)
  • "Take me to prom!" "I'm a grown ass man, I can't take you to prom! I can DRIVE you to prom!"
  • Kareem Abdul Jabar! He made his mom cover her ears. I'm not sure why. But it was cute. Listen for yourself! (It's 30 seconds, watch the clip, don't be lame.)

  • His "you know any Dave?" story . . . I fully appreciate anyone who doesn't think that Dave Matthews is God's gift to music. Which may be because I am convinced that Kevin Devine is God's gift to music.
  • Chuck and Howie/Meredith's husband Chris were in the GDB! Amazing!
  • "People Are So Fickle"! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that song.
  • Super seriously, I looooooooove Kevin Devine. So severely.
I suppose that the the most satisfying thing about the whole night was this IM from Becky today:

Becky (10:20:49 PM): p.s. i googled a picture of jesse lacey today
Becky (10:20:52 PM): and he's so cute!!

I love it.

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  • At April 21, 2008 at 11:22 PM , Blogger Becky said...

    First, is it weird that I kind of stalk your blog now? I feel like I may be over-involved.

    But hopefully you just thought: "No! You don't stalk my blog!" in your head, so I can continue this post.

    1. I had fun!
    2. You forgot to mention that we had to flip a coin for dinner (and I mean, I'm still not sure, but should we have gone chicken teryaki? I need it this week now!).
    3. I love that you put in my im...that will also be in my wedding speech!

  • At April 21, 2008 at 11:58 PM , Blogger Coco said...

    Is it terrible that i'm secretly (well it's not so much a secret now) glad that you didn't see Jesse?

    I'm so selfish.

    It's Courtnie, btw. I'm sure you figured that out already though.

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