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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

not feeling outlining = return of the procrastination surveys

Haven't done one of these in a while, and this Long Island one is going around MySpace


1) What town are you from?
Port Jefferson Station

2) Live on the island your whole life?
Except for the five years I was in NYC

3) are you going to stay forever?
There's plenty of other places I'd like to live, but the majority of my family is here, so I don't see myself going anywhere unless they do

4) what parking lot did you waste your youth in?
haha, did people actually do that? I don't know anyone who hung out in parking lots

5) name four famous people from the island:
I use the term "famous" loosely to include my love Jesse Lacey, along with Billy Joel, Lindsey Lohan and Mariah Carey

6) ever work at a 7-11 or a supermarket?

8) anyone in your family ever been in newsday?
Ha, my brother and I both got our names in the "HS graduation" editions, my aunt wrote a letter to the editor, and I'm sure there have been other mentions through the years

9) have you been inducted at the bawdy barn?
Um, it's Boardy Barn. And nooo, I do not do beer.

10) should long island be its own state?
No way, we're more "New York" than the top part of the state! Unless you gave us the five boroughs too, because we pretty much ARE our own state.


1) 2am taco bell or 2am wendy’s?
Taco Bell! What kind of question is this?

2) yuppy puppy or NSAL?
NSAL hands down . . . my friend got a puppy at the Yuppy Puppy and it was dead within a month. That place is horrible

3) starbucks or dunkin donuts/baskin robins?
Port Jeff actually has a Dunkin Donuts and a Baskin Robbins that are separate from each other

4) mulcahy’s or the nutty irishman?
Never been to either . . . nappertandys

5) parkways or back roads?
back roads, although it's pretty hard to avoid the parkways

6) north shore or south shore?
North shore!!!!!!

7) east end or west end?
middle . . . east end is pretty but too rural, and nassau county is nassau (enough said). Western Suffolk is the way to go.

8) train into the city or drive?
I love the LIRR but will never say no to somebody else driving

9) brand new or taking back sunday?
BRAND NEW!! Oh my God, I'm so glad this was a question! Haha.

10) you have more family in florida or north carolina?
North Carolina . . . haha, I love that this was a question too.


1) been to the lighthouse?:

2) been to the statue of liberty?:
Haha, if you include going to Ellis Island and stopping the ferry to let people off at the statue of liberty. And I didn't do that until I was 21.

3) rocked out to billy joel with your friends in the car?:
Who hasn't?

4) been to two different 7-11s in the same day?:

5) we know you live on an island but, have you even been on a boat?:

6) driven from brooklyn to the lighthouse?

7) driven to the city for no reason?:

8) driven to montauk for no reason?:

9) been to the planetarium?

10) been to united skates?
Just Amaze N Skates before it closed . . . no clue where united skates was


1) i say riverhead you say?
Outlets and the jail

2) i say centereach you say?
Middle Country Road

3) i say port jeff you say?

4) i say stony brook you say?
I hate their hockey team

5) i say huntington you say?
the first GAP I ever went to, with my mom and grandma and sometimes Amanda, every Thursday after school

6) i say babylon you say?

6) i say oceanside you say?

7) i say hempstead you say?

8) i say levittown you say?
JESSE LACEY . . . swoon

9) i say wantagh you say?
Jones Beach

10) i say montauk you say?
watching the sunrise


1) Best diner?

2) best food from that diner?
Cheese fries

3) best mall?
Smithhaven was what I grew up with . . . it was always so crappy compared to Roosevelt Field, but they've done some nice stuff with it in the past few years

4) best beach?
Jones Beach

5) best pizza?

6) best mini golf?
all the good mini golf places closed

7) movie theatre?
PJ Cinemas, even though I can't ever go back there for personal reasons

8) public park?
never spent much time in parks

9) best ices?

10) best billy joel song
Just one? Seriously? I love "And So It Goes"


1) fire island is gay or totally cool?
I wouldn't say "totally cool", and I never even went there until I was 24, but it's definitely more cool than gay (and as a quick disclaimer, not that "gay" cannot be "cool", I'm just saying the Fire Island = gay stereotype is pretty misguided)

2) are you sick of people asking you about the Amityville horror house?:
I haven't really gotten questions about it since that movie with Melissa "I severely hate you" George came out, so no

3) is the psych center haunted?
Probably not, but if there was a place on LI that would be haunted, that would be it

4) you still hope they’re building that bridge to Connecticut:
nah, that would be boring if the Port Jeff Ferry was obsolete, that's our claim to fame

5) is montauk really “the end”?
oh yeah.

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