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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

today's "laugh out loud in class" moment

Becky (9:03:47 PM): OMG
Becky (9:03:56 PM): i just emailed john [professor] the table of consanguinity
Me (9:04:57 PM): instead of john [law student]?
Becky (9:05:30 PM): yessss

. . .

Me (9:10:19 PM): maybe i can "accidentally" send a marriage proposal to troy?
Becky (9:10:33 PM): hahahaha
Becky (9:10:38 PM): that would NOT be an accident!
Me (9:11:22 PM): "sorry, meant to send that to your dad"
Becky (9:11:39 PM): LOL
Me (9:12:30 PM): i can be your new mommy, troy!
Becky (9:12:44 PM): hahahahahahahahahahaha
Becky (9:13:03 PM): tell him he can discuss his inheritance with his father, who now has the complete table

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