Like A Trip Back To Middle School

Saturday, April 11, 2009

may peeps be with you

fun stuff from the aba . . .

2009 bar exam: peeps under pressure

in honor of rosa peeps

same sex peeps

my cousin peepy

1L peeps study group

to kill a mockingpeep

the supeep court . . . I know the guy who made this one!!

peepsonal injury

"Finally heeding the advice of counsel, the Peepetrator exercised his right to remain silent. He made not a peep."

state vs oj simpson

my cousin peep

"Mascara-laden tears stream down the face of Penelope Peep as she realizes the jury did not accept her theory of “accident” in the death of her husband, Peter Peep. The prosecutor was attributed the success of his case to his life-sized exhibits. “I think the exhibits really showed the jury the level of violence involved in this murder.” Penelope’s attorney is now questioning whether or not his client was really tried by a jury of her peeps."

12 angry peeps

legally peep (Becky would appreciate that the name of the person who did this one is "Rebecca Lane")



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