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Saturday, March 1, 2008

the constant

Last night's Lost was the best of the season and it was all about Desmond, which makes it even better. But I think that because it was so good, I'm a little intimidated by the idea of coming up with a recap/summary/commentary/epic haiku about it, at least not before watching it again. So instead, I'm going to rip off my favorite music blog, The Late Greats, and do a "One Song Lost Recap."

Something Corporate - "Konstantine"

I pick this song not because it actually has the phrase "constant" (or "konstant', if you're going to be picky, although the live version of this song is called "Constantine") right in the title, and not because you could start listening to it in 1996 and probably just be finishing it by 2004 (I'm only half joking - it's my favorite song of all time, but at 9 1/2 minutes, it's friggin long), but because I think everyone has a Konstantine. I know I do. And I sure as hell hope that eight years from now that "Konstantine" is still my constant.

In other slightly related Lost / ripping things off The Late Greats news, check out's Sawyer Nickname Generator. Mine is "Whitesnake". Let me know what yours are!

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