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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

return of the procrastination surveys

1. What's something that happened to you when you were 8?:
I got my my parakeet Spaghetti for my 8th birthday

2. What's a good memory you have of you and a friend of yours from 4th grade?:
Susan and I were writing our hit TV series "Christy's Camp" and Joey and I had an obsession with the word "radish."

3. Describe your earliest memory
I have since been told that this memory never actually happened, but I have a memory of falling out of my crib and having Scott from across the street catch me. Although I suppose if Scott was the one who caught me, he was the only one who was there, so maybe he's the one I should be asking if it actually happened.

4. Describe your first kiss:
I was at Matt's house watching The Sandlot. We got distracted towards the end. That's all I have to say about that.

5. What was your first day of school like this year?:
This semester? I guess technically the first day of school was part of that mediation course. It was fine except it was over winter break and it was from 8:30-5:30 for 6 days. It was rough.

6. Funniest memory you have with your current love interest?:
Nobody even knows who my "current love interest" is so I'll avoid "outing" him here by sharing one of the many funny memories we've shared, so instead I'll go with Troy. Although Troy and I have never actually shared any funny memories. Sigh. My favorite Troy moment though was definitely the champagne toast on the last day of class.

7. What happened on your first day of your first job?:
Oh man. I had such a major crush on Dave and was so excited that I got to actually meet him. But then I remember having the most awkward conversation with him ever when everyone else got up to smoke and left us sitting alone at the table. Which essentially consisted of him asking me about 90 questions and after every single answer saying "Oh. That's nice."

8. Describe the first concert you went to:
Soul Asylum with Matthew Sweet, Victoria Williams and the Jayhawks. I went with my mom and Lauren and her mom. I remember the opening bands seemed to drag on FOREVER.

9. What happened yesterday?:
Pat picked us up at 8:30, we went to McDonalds to grab breakfast, then headed to bar prep (with Troy!!) until 1:15 and Troy got an answer wrong towards the end and I wanted to hug him. Briton and I printed our notes, then we went with Pat to the comic book store. We came back, Briton and I went back out to Quiznos, which we ate while watching an episode of Full House. Then I went to Target, came back, did work for a couple of hours, and then we sat on the couch and were bums watching Father of the Bride and Celebrity Circus. There's more than you needed to know about what happened yesterday.

10. Favorite memory with your best friend?:
Oh man. There are about 100 thousand favorite memories and I don't know where to start. But I think that one of my favorites, which I was just telling Elizabeth about the other night, was the night we realized how much it must suck to be Tim Hughes. See my next post, which I just found and feel a need to post since Liz told me that I haven't posted anything since she started regularly visiting ;)

11. Random memory from when you were in preschool:
I don't remember anything from preschool except that my friends were Erin and Scott. And there might have been a Kristen in there?

12. What happened on the last field trip you went on?:
The last "field trip" I went on was probably to Senegal. It was Senegal. It was awesome.

13. How was the last concert you went to?:
The Spill Canvas was pretty awesome, although I think I like them better on the album. And they didn't play "Himerus and Eros" which I think I might almost love more than "All Hail The Heartbreaker" (which they did play though, so yaaay)

14. How did you discover your favorite band?:
Depends if we're going with my favorite band being Straylight Run or Brand New . . . either way, I discovered both through Taking Back Sunday, although I guess technically I just stumbled across Straylight Run at a free Rooney show before I moved out of the city. But I wouldn't have cared about seeing them if I hadn't read that John and Shaun were from Taking Back Sunday. Brand New I discovered when I heard of the John Nolan/Jesse Lacey feud and I went to download "Seventy Times Seven".

15. What happened on Valentine's Day this year?:
I went to work, then came home and was going to stay in and watch Lost with Mary, but then Becky convinced me to go over to Carle Place to watch it and she made Pat and I do the Lost trivia contest, which was the hardest thing ever but I WON, and then we went there for Lost and I think I went to Pat's to play Mario Galaxy afterwards.

16. Tell us a random memory from middle school:
When my mom drove us home from the roller skating night and Ryder told her the wrong house because he wasn't ready to go home yet and she knew it wasn't his house but pulled into the driveway anyway and then he got really embarrassed.

17. Random memory you have of your grandmother?:
going with her and my mom to the GAP in Huntington every Thursday in elementary school

18. Random memory from third grade?:
I feel like I have more 2nd grade memories than 3rd grade memories so I'll combine the two and mention that Paul and I used to go to the 3rd grade class for math because we were too advanced for our 2nd grade class, and I remember that nobody in Mrs. Strong's class was able to get the right answer to the problem on the board, but Paul and I were able to figure it out. We were awesome.

19. What's one memory you have about your first pet(s)?:
My first "pets" were two goldfish named Goldie and Danny that I bought with my garage sale money in first grade.

20. What memory do you have when you first moved into your current house?:
I remember that we didn't have hot water for at least the first week after moving here! And thinking it was funny that the people who lived here before us were Candy and Brandi and that some people think that Mary and my names rhyme. Oddly enough, I just told Briton today about Candy and Brandy's existence and then about half an hour ago, some guy from Cablevision showed up at my door looking for Brandi. WEEEIRD.

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  • At June 19, 2008 at 7:50 PM , Blogger Becky said...

    First--OMG! Your house is land o' rhyming names! I haven't figured out a good match for Briton yet, so I think he should not count as a true resident. I'm also very sad I can't think of a rhyming roommate for myself. I'll work on this and get back to you.

    Second, I didn't remember that Lost night was Valentine's Day! But I do remember that I was an amazing quiz master. And that you totally won.

  • At June 20, 2008 at 8:40 AM , Anonymous Elizabeth (not Liz) said...

    Thanks for the TWO posts, and the shout-out.... Even though you DID refer to me as "Liz" ;)


  • At June 20, 2008 at 12:02 PM , Anonymous Elizabeth (not Liz) said...

    I hereby nominate that Kerri's new nickname become "Kitten"

    Cause, in the same sense that Mary & Kerri rhyme, Kitten and Briton rhyme.

    This solves the rhyming roommates need for your apartment.

    OK, Kitten??? Who's with me???


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