Like A Trip Back To Middle School

Sunday, May 31, 2009

where there's smoke . . .

It's been less than two weeks and I'm going through Lost withdrawal . . . these two things made me laugh way more than they should have. Well . . . okay, I guess just the second one did, because the first one legitimately -- and rightfully -- made me laugh out loud.

this would be amazing . . . I love the Onion

Lea Thompson (Caroline In The City) costars with the ominous cloud (Lost) in its new ABC sitcom this fall.

"The whole concept began with us asking, 'So what happens to the monster after it kills somebody and disappears down that ancient temple vent? What kind of life might it have?'" Lorre said. "And what we realized is that audiences really relate to this character and would like to see it in everyday situations, shooting the breeze with buddies at a local watering hole or murdering its son's soccer coach and depositing his lifeless body in a tree."

This one . . . not so great as a Lost parody, but hey, it's Degrassi. What's not to love?

"Only 57? Really, hon . . . "



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