Like A Trip Back To Middle School

Thursday, July 3, 2008

maybe i'm just losing it from doing too many pmbr questions

But I laughed a lot at this question.

Ricky, a New York city policeman, was relaxing in his living room when his wife entered and asked what he'd like for dinner. Ricky replied, "Ethel, next door." Startled Lucy asked Ricky what he meant by that remark. Ricky then said, "Look, I've had the 'hots' for Ethel for a long time. I've got this burning desire to go next door and rape her." As Ricky was about to walk out the door, he turned to Lucy and said, "You want to come along and watch?" Lucy shook her head as if to say okay and followed him next door.

Moments later, Ricky rang the doorbell and Ethel came to the door. After entering her home, Ricky grabbed Ethel's arm and began to rip off her clothes. Terribly frightened, Ethel pleaded with Ricky to stop. As he continued to assault her, Ethel then turned to Lucy and said, "Please tell him to get off me." Lucy, who despised Ethel, simply stood by and told Ricky, "Do it, honey . . . do it." Ricky raped Ethel repeatedly and afterward threatened to kill her if she told anyone."

Because I'm sure you're all dying to know what happened . . . Lucy should be found guilty on a charge of raping Ethel because, with the intent to have Ethel raped, she shouted encouragement to Ricky.



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