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Monday, June 23, 2008

Mix CD Monday - Greatest Hits of Freshman Year - 1999-2000

I've been meaning to start doing this for a while, and I was inspired by seeing so many of my close friends from freshman year this weekend. Plus I figured with tons of studying to do, as always, I needed an excuse to put it off a little longer ;)


  1. "Beautiful" - Aztek Trip. I discovered these guys the summer before freshman year and by the end of the school year, I had all of my circle of friends hooked and these guys were practically our friends. (Well . . . more so Carla's than the rest of us, but they all knew who we were!) I have no clue what happened to this band, but this song was amazing.
  2. "Here with Me" - Dido. This song was the theme song to that show Roswell on the WB and Kellee and Carla were obsessed with it - even when the show wasn't on, they were playing it or singing it or SOMETHING. When Kellee and I wrote our "Ballad of 2007", it even made it into Carla's section of the song.
  3. "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2" - Pink Floyd. I don't know who thought that this was a good hockey warmup song - it was either Vinny or Todd. Crappy warmup song or not, the song itself will always remind me of freshman year.
  4. "All The Small Things" - Blink-182. Aside from Schleppy mocking me in the hockey vans on the way home from practice for liking this song and Blink-182, this song reminds me of walking home to Brittany up University Place from Weinstein with Carla and singing this while doing the dance.
  5. "Little Black Backpack" - Stroke 9. Loooooooved this song so severely.
  6. "Am I Wrong?" - Love Spit Love. I found this one accidentally on Napster when I was trying to download something else. Whatever it was that I was trying to find, I'm glad I found this because it ended up becoming one of my favorite songs and one of my favorite quotes ever from college (I wish I could remember who said it!) was when I was speaking the lyrics "You're so pale in your face, you let life get in your way" and the other person who I don't remember responded with, "Wow . . . what do you see in my face?"
  7. "You Sexy Thing" - Hot Chocolate. I can't hear the phrase "I believe in miracles" without singing this song and I can't think of this song without thinking of Mike and LeMutt.
  8. "Baba O'Riley" - The Who. Now THIS was an amazing hockey warmup song. This song made every single college mix CD that I made. If I had to pick a single song to define my college experience, this was it. To this day, the opening instrumental to this song gets me inspired the way it used to every time the hockey team hit the ice to it.
  9. "Angels" - Robbie Williams. Another great song that came out that year, I wanted to throw Jessica Simpson out a window when she covered it. You don't mess with something as amazing as this song.
  10. "Hot Blooded" - Foreigner. Two words: Brian Murphy.
  11. "Calculus (U+Me=US)" - 2Gether. I forgot about this song until I just saw it on my CD cover. This is everything a pop song should be.
  12. "Bent" - Matchbox Twenty. I couldn't wait for this album to come out - for the longest time, I had this song downloaded from Napster with an advertisement with the name of the radio station it was being played on right in the middle of it. The first time I heard the song without it, it sounded so weird to me. I remember driving down to MD with Janeen listening to this CD and wanting to race my car like in the video.
  13. "Just A Friend" - Biz Markie. I discovered this song because Barenaked Ladies used to cover it in their end-of-show medleys - 207 used to play it all the time.
  14. "One Song Glory" - Rent. I am the only person in New York who didn't see Rent while it was on Broadway. But Kellee used to play this song all the time and I absolutely loved it.
  15. "Fishheads" - Dr. Demento. I want to say that one of us from 207 actually saw a fishhead on the street at some point . . . I think my real love of this song though came not from the literal fishheads, but because of the crush I had on "Fish". There were defintely a ton of fish jokes going around 207 first semester that year and this song was a natural addition.
  16. "Take a Picture" - Filter. I can vividly remember the video this song from the amount of times I saw it on College Television Network. Ahh, CTN . . . best channel ever.
  17. "Bye Bye Bye" - N'Sync. The amazing thing about having a suitemate on the dance team was that Carla could do this whole dance - unfortunately, I was too spazzy to pick up much of it from her. Maaaan did we love N'Sync. I'm pretty sure that Carla and I were at the Virgin Megastore at midnight the day this album was released to pick it up. It ain't no lie. Bye bye bye.

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