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Saturday, July 5, 2008

"i'd say get a monkey, and just torture the hell out of it"

So I was attempting to find the theme song from MTV's "The State" on mp3 so that I could do one last "bonus round" trivia contest, since clearly my last one was too easy, and I don't know that ANYONE who reads this would have gotten "The State." I did find it, but I got very sidetracked when I discovered the trailer for The Ten

which I promptly ordered from Adam Brody? Liev Schreiber? Paul Rudd? Directed by David Wain? WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE?

The State's official website also reported that they actually made a box set of the entire series

but MTV is dragging their asses with releasing it. There is pretty much no price that I wouldn't pay for that box set. It's that brilliant. Nerve & IFC agreed, with four of The State's skits appearing in their "50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time" list.

I could sing The State's praises all day, but I have this little test in 3 1/2 weeks that I should be studying for, so I'll just leave you with my two favorite sketches (God, it's like choosing between children):

Porcupine Racetrack


Louie & the Last Supper

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